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The ERCIM PhD Fellowship Programme has been established as one of the premier activities of ERCIM. The programme is open to young researchers from all over the world. It focuses on a broad range of fields in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

The fellowship scheme also helps young scientists to improve their knowledge of European research structures and networks and to gain more insight into the working conditions of leading European research institutions. The fellowships are of 12 months duration (with a possible extension), spent in one of the ERCIM member institutes. Fellows can apply for second year in a different institute.
Why to apply for an ERCIM Fellowship?

The Fellowship Programme enables bright young scientists to work on a challenging problem as fellows of leading European research centers.An ERCIM fellowship helps widen and intensify the network of personal relations among scientists.

The programme offers the opportunity to ERCIM fellows:

  • to work with internationally recognized experts;
  • to improve knowledge about European research structures and networks;
  • to become familiarized with working conditions in European research centres;
  • to promote cross-fertilization and cooperation, through the fellowships, between research groups working in similar areas in different laboratories.

Candidates must:

  • have obtained a PhD degree during the last eight years (prior to the year of the application deadline) or be in the last year of the thesis work;
  • be fluent in English;
  • have completed their PhD before starting the grant.

The fellows are appointed either by a stipend (an agreement for a research training programme) or a working contract. The type of contract and the monthly allowance/salary depends on the hosting institute.

Application deadlines
Deadlines for applications are currently 30 April and 30 September each year.
Since its inception in 1991, over 750 fellows have passed through the programme. In 2021, 26 young scientists commenced an ERCIM PhD fellowship and 54 fellows have been hosted during the year. Since 2005, the Fellowship Programme is named in honour of Alain Bensoussan, former president of Inria, one of the three ERCIM founding institutes.

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