ERCIM organized an online community event for its fellows and invited guests on November 9, 2021. 52 participants gathered online to present their work, exchange ideas and get to know each other.

After a long period of difficult working conditions due to the pandemic, the main goal of this virtual event was to encourage interaction and sharing among fellows and reassure them that they are part of the same community. The centerpiece of the event was a poster session. It illustrated the outstanding scientific work of the fellows and helped to identify common research challenges even in different fields. In addition, Gabriel David (INESC) delivered a keynote address on “Data, Privacy, Ethics: Context for Research”, and two former fellows shared their personal experiences with the program and their future careers.


The event was organized on an innovative online platform called “Gather Town,” which allowed participants to freely move and interact with an avatar in a virtual space. The event received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants. Most of them found the event helpful and would like to participate in more events of this kind. The event was organized by Emma Lière, ERCIM Fellowship Program Coordinator, and moderated by Monica Divitini, NTNU, Chair of the ERCIM Human Capital Working Group.

More information about the ERCIM Fellowship Programme at

virtual space
Screenshot from the virtual space "Gather Town" buitl for the ERCIM Fellowship Community Event.

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