The EU SPECIAL project (Scalable Policy-aware Linked Data Architecture For Privacy, Transparency and Compliance) managed by ERCIM, supported and organized a W3C workshop on data privacy controls and vocabularies on 17-18 April 2018. The initial idea was that linked data annotations can help tackle the issue of privacy in modern data environments. This would allow the creation of a new generation of privacy enhancing technologies. The advent of the enactment of the GDPR was also prominent in the discussions.

After the workshop, the participants drew up a list of priorities including vocabularies or taxonomies that should be standardized. The hope is that such vocabularies also enable automatic application and verification of privacy policies, that the
SPECIAL project and other interested peoples are working on. Therefore, the
project created a Community Group, with the name Data Privacy Vocabularies and Controls (DPVCG), that was opened on 25th of May 2018, the day the GDPR came into force. The idea is that the group also organizes face-to-face meetings, at privacy conferences and similar events.

The group is open to everybody with an interest in creating (Linked Data) vocabularies for privacy.

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