by Hui Han (Fraunhofer IESE)

Standardisation can help ensure proper contractual procedures for protecting digital information and systems, guaranteeing security and privacy in the dynamic digital environment. With standardisation, companies can effectively collaborate with their partners, thus strengthening trust among organisations. As a result, various standards have been established for security applications and technologies.

by Stelios Zimeras (University of the Aegean)

Medical image segmentation is needed for diagnosis and treatment in healthcare. The detection of organs and organic structures in 2D images is an important task during diagnosis. Manual segmentation is very expensive as it requires expertise and is very time consuming. Methods for applying segmentation vary widely depending on the specific application, imaging modality and other factors like treatment (e.g., cancer treatment, image-guided surgery, and invasive techniques) or diagnostic imaging. Therefore, automatic segmentation algorithms are needed [1].

by Peter Kieseberg (St. Pölten UAS), Michael Herburger (UAS Upper Austria) and Alexandra Anderluh (St. Pölten UAS)

Supply chains can be considered the backbone of modern industry. Although supply chains may be highly integrated, security practices are often focussed around single companies and do not incorporate issues that arise  from the integration of other partners within the chain. Thus, to make supply chains resilient against cyber-attacks, we need to adopt a holistic view of supply chain security.

by Patrizio Dazzi and Massimiliano Corsini (ISTI-CNR)

ISTI-CNR is involved in the H2020 CHARITY project (Cloud for HologrAphy and Cross RealITY), which started in January 2021. The project aims to leverage the benefits of intelligent, autonomous orchestration of a heterogeneous set of cloud, edge, and network resources, to create a symbiotic relationship between low and high latency infrastructures that will facilitate the needs of emerging applications.

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