This year, CWI is celebrating! 75 years ago, the institute opened its doors, under the name Mathematisch Centrum. Its aim was to promote the use of pure and applied mathematics in the reconstruction of the Netherlands after the Second World War, to improve prosperity in the Netherlands, and to enhance the Dutch contribution to international scientific culture. Computer Science was later added to the mix, and the centre was duly renamed Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, or in short CWI.

“Software is eating the world.” Like oxygen is an essential element for all life forms, software is the invisible yet crucial fabric of our society. There is no aspect of society that is not facilitated or mediated by software, and industry leaders have proclaimed that “every company is now a software company”. Furthermore, software presents an enormous boost to scientific progress, and underlies many of our critical infrastructure (like power, telecom, etc.).

The University of Cyprus was founded in 1989 and admitted its first students in 1992. Today, it is ranked as the 84th young university (under 50 years) and #501-600 worldwide by the Times Higher Education
Rankings. These distinctions are the result of dedication to continuous development. The pursuit of research excellence constitutes a key strategic objective of the University of Cyprus. Moreover, the University continually extends and upgrades its programs of undergraduate and graduate studies.

PERSEUS is a collaboration between NTNU - Norway’s largest university, 11 top-level academic partners in eight European countries, and eight industrial partners within sectors of high societal relevance. Join the team! A call for 25 PhD candidates will be launched on August 2021.

The main objective of the 2nd Gatekeeper Open Call is to extend the benefits of Gatekeeper platform beyond the boundaries of current pilots, expanding the Gatekeeper ecosystem. It aims to attract entities leading the landscape of digital data-driven technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Analytics, etc. It also aims to attract new use cases, additional platforms, new pilot sites, patient organisations, with the objective of providing more robust, highly autonomous, personalised and collaborative quality and cost-efficient healthcare.

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