by Markus Hofer and Thomas Zemen (AIT)

The properties of wireless vehicular communication channels do not remain constant during a vehicle’s trip. Both the transmitter and the receiver are moving, which generates not only time and frequency (doubly) selective channels but also channel statistics that are non-stationary, i.e., they change over time. To function properly, new wireless vehicular communication systems for connected autonomous vehicles require validation and verification in vehicular environments. To avoid time intensive, costly and difficult to repeat real-world measurements on the road, real-time channel emulators that emulate the wireless vehicular channel as accurately as possible are needed. We present a real-time channel emulator based on a software defined radio platform that is able to emulate real-world propagation scenarios.

by Felicita Di Giandomenico, Stefania Gnesi, and Giorgio O. Spagnolo (ISTI-CNR) and Alessandro Fantechi (ISTI-CNR and University of Florence)

The project STINGRAY (SmarT station INtelliGent RAilwaY) addresses the role of the railway station, traditionally seen as a meeting point for a city, in order to enhance its importance and integration into the smart city of the future.

by Giorgos Flouris, Argyro Avgoustaki, Irini Fundulaki and Dimitris Plexousakis (ICS-FORTH)

ProvQL is a high-level structured query language, suitable for seeking information related to data provenance. It is especially suitable for tracking the sources that contributed to data generation, and for helping data experts assess the trustworthiness and reliability of data.

by Harry Rudin

As members of an emergency response team for a bank, you have been summoned together to handle an emergency situation: some of your data has been hacked and highly sensitive information is already on the Web; word of the situation is already in the news and a television crew is in front of your bank wanting an interview; some of your automatic teller machines do not work and complaints are pouring in. In this simulated scenario in IBM’s C-TOC centre, it is time to act!

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