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18 September 2024, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Edge AI represents a novel computing paradigm designed to facilitate local data storage and processing, with AI algorithms enabling data treatment directly at the edge of the network. This approach aims to bring intelligence to the end-devices, facilitating real-time decision-making and empowering devices to operate autonomously, reducing reliance on external cloud services. Two Horizon Europe projects - SmartEdge and  AIoTwin -  are jointly organizing the “Edge AI meets Swarm Intelligence” workshop to disseminate on-going research outcomes not only of these two projects, but also of related projects. 

One of the key topics of interest is  to develop low-code programming tool chains or platforms for edge intelligence to enable swarm computing paradigms. The tools will reduce the efforts of building smart systems requiring a collective of heterogeneous devices, sensors, vehicles and robots to collaborate towards a common goal. 
The primary goal of this workshop is to foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas among researchers and stakeholders. The workshop can provide a platform for participants to share their experiences, best practices, case studies, and to identify emerging research areas and potential solutions to existing challenges.

Topics of Interest
We invite submissions related to the design, development, and evaluation of architectures, technologies, and applications for “Edge AI” and “Swarm Intelligence”, including but not limited to:

  • Network optimization and interoperable protocols for Edge AI and Swarm Intelligence
  • Novel system architectures and hardware designs in Edge AI and Swarm Intelligence
  • Network security, data privacy, confidence, and trust in Edge AI and Swarm Intelligence
  • AI-enabled resource allocation, federated learning, and swarm intelligence
  • Next generation smart use-cases enabled by Edge AI and Swarm Intelligence
  • Intelligence in distributed computing continuum systems
  • Novel results in embedded AI, in-network computing or heterogeneous computing
  • Methods, resources, and experimental findings in autonomous systems.

Important dates

  • Open for Submission: 1st, May
  • Abstract Submission: 15th, June
  • Full Submission: 22th, June
  • Notifications: 2nd, August
  • Camera-ready: 23rd, August.

More information:

Next issue: July 2024
Special theme:
Sustainable Cities
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