CWI researchers, together with the department of radiation oncology of Amsterdam UMC, have developed software based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that quickly proposes multiple radiation treatment plans for each patient. The software functions as a type of ‘route planner’ for the doctor: it presents multiple plans based on the data of the patient that represent trade-offs between giving sufficient radiation dose to the tumor with as little damage possible to the surrounding organs. This not only helps the doctors to make plans faster, it will also improve plan quality. Amsterdam UMC has treated the first patient with a plan proposed by the new AI on March 17, 2020. The innovative technique will be used for the treatment of prostate cancer with internal radiation.

The development of the new software was made possible by a close research collaboration between CWI’s Life Sciences and Health group, the department radiation oncology of Amsterdam UMC-location AMC, and Elekta, a company that delivers radiation equipment and software to hospitals.

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