by John Gialelis and Dimitrios Karadimas

SELIDA, a printed materials management system that uses radio frequency identification (RFID), complies with the Web-of-Things concept. It does this by employing object naming based services that are able to provide targeted information regarding RFID-enabled physical objects that are handled in an organization agnostic collaborative environment.

by Massimo Cossentino, Marco Bordin and Patrizia Ribino

Each year thousands of shipping containers fail to arrive at their destinations and the estimated damage arising from this issue is considerable. In the past, a database of lost containers was established but the difficult problem of identifying them in huge parking areas was entrusted to so-called container hunters. We propose a system (and related methods) that aims to automatically retrieve lost containers inside a logistic area using a set of sensors that are placed on cranes working within that area.

by Paolo Barsocchi, Antonino Crivello, Erina Ferro, Luigi Fortunati, Fabio Mavilia and Giancarlo Riolo

“Renewable Energy and ICT for Sustainability Energy” (or “Energy Sustainability”) is a project led by the Department of Engineering, ICT, and Technologies for Energy and Transportations (DIITET) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). This project aims to study and test a coordinated set of innovative solutions to make cities sustainable, with respect to their energy consumption.

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