In 2010, six new  ERC grant winners  will be hosted at INRIA. In the "starting grants" category, Axel Hutt (“Mathematical modelling of anaesthetic action”), Paola Goatin (“Traffic Management by Macroscopic Models”), Pierre Alliez (“Robust Geometry Processing”), Kartikeyan Bhargavan (“Collaborative Cryptographic Security Proofs for Programs”), have received funding to form research teams. In the "advanced grants" category, Jean Ponce (Modeling, interpreting and manipulating digital video) and André Seznec (“Defying Amdahl's Law”) are among the winners and have chosen INRIA as their host research institution.

Two other “starting grant”winners are members of INRIA teams, jointly with other academic partners: Véronique Cortier (“Provably secure systems: foundations, design, and modularity”), hosted at CNRS, and Nikos Paragios  (“Discrete Bioimaging Perception for Longitudinal Organ Modelling and Computer-Aided Diagnosis”), hosted at Ecole Centrale Paris.

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