A team from Warsaw University won the 31st annual World Finals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, sponsored by IBM and held at IBM Tokyo Research Lab on 12-16 March 2007.

Warsaw University - The 2007 world champions in programming.
Warsaw University - The 2007 world champions in programming.

There were 6,099 teams on six continents in regional contests and 88 teams qualified for the finals. 20 teams were from Europa, 25 from North America, two from Africa/Middle East, 10 from Latin America, and 31 from Asia/South Pacific. The teams were challenged to solve ten highly complex, real-world programming problems - a semester's worth of curriculum - under a grueling five-hour deadline. Warsaw University solved 8 problem sets, in second place was Tsinghua University with 7 solved, the rest solved 6 or less. A Warsaw Universty team won this prestigious world-wide programming champtionship for the second time after 2003.


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