In January 2007, two major Polish universities - the University of Warsaw and the University of Wroclaw - established together a new research consortium, 'PLERCIM', which will represent Poland in the ERCIM. PLERCIM will initiate and coordinate future cooperation between Polish and European researchers in applied mathematics and informatics within ERCIM activities.

The European Commission entrusted ERCIM with the coordination of 'EchoGrid', a project to foster collaboration between the European Union and China in Grid computing research and technologies by developing short-, mid- and long-term visions in the Grid computing field.

by Torsten Braun

A new ERCIM Working Group 'eMobility' was established in January 2007. The main research areas are mobile applications and services, middleware for mobile communications, security mechanisms, network architectures, technologies, and protocols for wireless and mobile communications. The working group aims to encourage collaborations and information exchange among researchers in the area of both mobile services and wireless communication systems.

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