on the subject of Polynomial Optimization, Efficiency through Moments and Algebra at eleven European Research Institutes and Universitites

The Innovative Training Network POEMA is hiring 15 Doctoral Students starting from September 2019. The proposed projects will be investigating the development of new algebraic and geometric methods combined with computer algebra techniques for global non-linear optimization problems. Applications will focus on smarter cities challenges, urban traffic management, water network management, energy flow control, or environmental monitoring.

ERCIM participates in DataMarketServices (DMS), a new H2020 project whose objective is to overcome the barriers of data-centric European SMEs and start-ups by providing free support services around data skills, entrepreneurial opportunities, legal issues and standardization. The expected project deliverables are a 100-data-based companies portfolio, twelve free support services, webinars and training in topics such as GDPR, IPR, etc.

World renowned Web experts were attending the W3C TPAC ‘18 meeting in October in Lyon, and the W3C developer relations team seized this opportunity to organize a developer meetup featuring five prominent speakers and twelve demonstrations.

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