by Massimiliano Assante, Leonardo Candela, Donatella Castelli and Pasquale Pagano

Modern science calls for innovative practices to facilitate research collaborations spanning institutions, disciplines, and countries. Paradigms such as cloud computing and social computing represent a new opportunity for individuals with scant resources, to participate in science. The Hybrid Data Infrastructure combines these two paradigms with Virtual Research Environments in order to offer a large array of collaboration-oriented facilities as-a-Service.

by Sylvain Lefebvre

Consumer level 3D printing holds great promise for the future [1]. However, few people possess the required skills and time to create elegant designs that conform to precise technical specifications. “By–example” shape synthesis methods are promising to address this problem: New shapes are automatically synthesized from existing ones, by deforming or assembling parts cutout of examples.

by Roberto Di Pietro, Marinella Petrocchi, Angelo Spognardi and Maurizio Tesconi

MyChoice is an ambitious research project that aims to model, detect, and isolate outliers (aka fake) in online recommendation systems, as well as in online social networks. The final outcome of the project will be the prototype of an automated engine able to recognize fake information, such as reviews, and fake friends/followers, and able to filter out malicious material, in order to return reliable and genuine content to the user .

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