CWI researchers Jeroen van den Bos en Davy Landman from CWI built a working Turing machine out of LEGO bricks. This machine shows the working of a computer, based on the ideas of the famous British mathematician Alan Turing in 1936. Turing (1912-1954) is known as the founding father of computer science and artificial intelligence, and as Enigma code breaker in World War II.

Goal or no goal? In response to this question, world football association FIFA wants to use technical assistance in the future. In its meeting of Thursday 5th July 2012 the International Football Association Board (IFAB), the body which determines the laws of the game, approved both goal-line technologies GoalRef and Hawk-Eye.This approval is subject to a final installation test at each stadium before the systems can be used in “real” football matches, in accordance with the FIFA Quality Programme for GLT.

The "FORSEE - Regional ICT Foresight exercise for Southeast European countries" project targets ICT RTD policy reform in the South-eastern Europe (SEE) region, proposing a focused effort on introducing a foresight culture in the region, which is necessary in order to accelerate socio-economic growth in participating countries, striving to meet the challenges of the global networked economy and to participate on equal footing in the European Research Area.

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