The second annual meeting of the MLQA Working Group will take place on July 9 July 2010 as part of FLoC 2010 in Edinburgh (Scotland). The theme of the meeting is: "Static Analysis versus Model Checking: similarities, differences, synergies"

The aim is to create a vibrant event consisting mainly of a number of invited talks that will cover some of the historical developments, survey the links established, establish state-of-the-art, identify the problems still worth pursuing and give a perspective on the implications and (novel) applications that can be foreseen.

The following list of presentations have been confirmed (but titles are tentative):

- Bernhard Steffen (on performing static analysis by doing model checking)
- Flemming Nielson (on performing model checking by doing static analysis)
- Marta Kwiatkowska (on quantitative model checking)
- Joost-Pieter Katoen (on quantitative model checking)
- Marsha Chechik / Arie Gurfinkel (on the use of abstraction in model checking)
- Orna Grumberg (on the use of abstraction in model checking)
- David Monniaux (on operations research in static analysis and model checking)
- Michael Huth (on modelling and analysing control of access and risk)

On top of which we will have:

  • MLQA Business Meeting (open to all attendees) about the future of MLQA

It will also be possible for attendees to present their own work, either in a poster session or by short 1-slide presentations; the format has not yet been decided.

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Flemming Nielson
MLQA Working Group chair
DTU Informatics/DANAIM, Denmark
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