by Julius Stuller

SOFSEM is a successful established annual international winter conference devoted to the theory and practice of computer science. Its aim is to present the latest research developments and so foster cooperation between professionals from academia and industry in various areas of computer science. SOFSEM 2010 was held in Hotel Bedøichov, Špindlerùv Mlýn, Czech Republic, on 23-29 January 2010.

SOFSEM (historically from SOFtware SEMinar) is the foremost Czecho-Slovak computer science conference. It is organized every third year in Slovakia, with the intermediate years being held in the Czech Republic.

Internet New Year Event 2010 in Amsterdam
On January 14th the W3C Benelux Office hosted by CWI and many local internet and ICT-related organizations jointly organized a new years event in Amsterdam to celebrate the start of the new year. The event took place at NEMO (a Science Museum), Oosterdok 2 in Amsterdam. After a buffet at 18:00 the event started at 19:00 accompanied by a lot of parallel talks and activities. While the main space was reserved for drinks and conversation only there were a lot of interesting 'lightning talks' in the lecture hall. A highlight was the "Chairman's debate" with Olaf Kolkman (NLnet Labs), Erik Huizer (IPv6 Forum), Jan Willem Broekema (ISOC), Peter-Paul Koch (Fronteers), Cees de Laat (Gridforum), Rob Blokzijl (RIPE) and Bert Bakker (OpenDoc Society).
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