momentsJan Flusser, Tomáš Suk and Barbara Zitová

The book presents a unique overview of recent as well as traditional image analysis and pattern recognition methods based on image moments. Invariants to traditional transforms - rigid-body and affine - are studied in-depth from a new point of view. Recent results on invariants to linear filtering of the image and on implicit moment invariants to elastic deformations are clearly presented and well explained. Various classes of orthogonal moments are reviewed and compared and their application to image reconstruction from moments is demonstrated. The authors review efficient numerical algorithms that can be used for moment computation in a discrete domain. Finally, many practical examples of using moment invariants are demonstrated.

Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2009 (312 pp., ISBN 978-0-470-69987-4)

OCGFourteen years ago, on August 13, 1969 the Austrian Parliament passed a new law on university studies which for the first time included Informatics curricula. A Festschrift (in German) has now been published which not only summarizes the celebration at the University Linz in April 2009, but additionally includes 30 contribution written by eminent contemporary witnesses, and pioneers together with interviews with several key persons from academia and industry. It also provides a survey of the current status of informatics curricula in Austria.

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Gerhard Chroust, Hans-Peter Mössenböck (Hrsg.): „Informatik macht Zukunft – Zukunft macht Informatik - 40 Jahre Informatik-Studium in Österreich – Festschrift“ (in German). Schriftenreihe der Österreichischen Computer Gesellschaft, books@ocg, Band 258, November 2009 ISBN 978-3-85403-258-8, price € 25.- from:
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