DANAIM (Danish Research Association for Informatics and Mathematics), a research consortium established by seven major Danish universities and university collaborations, has become a member of ERCIM. Denmark is the nineteenth country to join ERCIM.

by Keith G. Jeffery

It is impossible to imagine modern life without the Web. Tim Berners-Lee's original vision, so simple and elegant, has become part of the fabric of our lives. It is hard to realize that in less than two decades a line-mode 'techie' tool from a research laboratory has become indispensable to all for information, communication, business and research.

The second DELOS Conference, which was held on 5-7 December 2007 in Tirrenia, Pisa, Italy, not only provided a forum to present and discuss recent research advances in the field of Digital Libraries, but also provided the opportunity to summarise some of the main achievements of DELOS during the past four years.

ERCIM and ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, have co-signed a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to launch their future close collaboration.

by Bruno Le Dantec

Further to the success of the previous three events, ERCIM, ETSI, and INRIA teamed again this year to organise the 4th GRID Plugtests. The event, hosted by CNIC, the Computer Network Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, took place in Beijing from 28 October to 2 November 2007.

by Tom Mens and Kim Mens

The third edition of the International Symposium on Software Evolution took place in Paris, 5 October 2007, under the auspices of the ERCIM Working Group on Software Evolution. The event gathered people from academia and industry to identify and discuss recent advancements and emerging trends in state-of-the-art research and practice in software evolution.

The ERCIM Working Group (WG) 'Dependable Embedded Systems' organised two successful workshops in cooperation with DECOS, the Integrated Project 'Dependable Embedded Components and Systems'. Both workshops were chaired by the WG coordinators Erwin Schoitsch from the Austrian Research Centers (ARC) and Amund Skavhaug, NTNU.

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