The ERCIM Working Group (WG) 'Dependable Embedded Systems' organised two successful workshops in cooperation with DECOS, the Integrated Project 'Dependable Embedded Components and Systems'. Both workshops were chaired by the WG coordinators Erwin Schoitsch from the Austrian Research Centers (ARC) and Amund Skavhaug, NTNU.

In cooperation with Euromicro, the ERCIM/DECOS workshop 'Dependable Smart Systems: Research, Industrial Applications, Cooperative Systems, Standardization and Certification' took place on 28 August 2007 in Lübeck, Germany. Thirteen participants enjoyed eleven presentations on dependable embedded systems theory and research, validation and certification, industrial (product line development for SMEs) and transport applications. A very engaged discussion - especially on automotive embedded systems visions and futures (road safety) - closed the full day sessions.

The 2nd DECOS/ERCIM/COOPERS workshop 'Dependable Embedded Systems - Challenges, Impact, Solutions, Examples, Professional and Academic Education and Training' took place during the SAFECOMP 2007 conference in Nuremberg, Germany on 18 September 2007. 23 attendees from Europe (including two Russians) discussed dependable embedded systems research, embedded systems trust and security issues, industrial applications such as very large sensor networks, and road safety. A panel of industrial suppliers for automotive and road traffic advanced driver assistance and traffic management embedded systems concluded the event. The papers and discussion results have been collected, and will be reviewed and published as ERCIM workshop proceedings.

Additionally, a special session on dependable embedded systems was organised at INDIN 2007, the Industrial Informatics conference in Vienna, 23-26 July 2007. The papers are part of the conference proceedings published by IEEE.

The WG presented ERCIM at a joint DECOS/ERCIM booth at the workshops described above. ERCIM was also present at the Vehicle Electronics conference in Baden-Baden, Germany, 10-11 October 2007, which was attended by 1500 participants, and the ITEA2 Symposium, held in Berlin from 18-19 October, 2007. ITEA2, a unique opportunity to gain an insight into one of Europe 's most important and strategic ICT initiatives, attracted almost 500 participants.


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