by Petr Hajek

The sixth workshop of the ERCIM Working Group on Soft Computing, held on 11-14 September in Ostrava, Czech Republic jointly with the EUSFLAT 2007 conference (see was the last workshop of the ERCIM Working Group. The group decided to cease its activity because a shift of interest had taken place. The group members plan to apply for a new ERCIM Working Group in the near future with the provisional title 'Mathematical Fuzzy Logic.

The proceedings of the previous fifth workshop will be published under the title 'Foundations of Soft Computing' with a subtitle as "Selected papers from the Fifth Intl. Conference The Logic of Soft Computing and the Workshop of the ERCIM Working Group on Soft Somputing".

Please contact:
Petr Hajek
Institute of Computer Science, Academy of Sciences / CRCIM, Czech Republic
ERCIM Soft Computing Working Group coordinator

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"Quantum Computing"
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