A typical W3C workshop's output is the publication of a report which indicates what are the recommended suggestions for the development of future Web technologies. Organizations interested in these published conclusions should get involved in further work by participating in W3C working groups.

"Web of Services for Enterprise Computing" Workshop
The participants recommended, among other things, that W3C should ensure the stability of the Core platform of Web Services by maintaining its Web Services specifications through a Web Services Core Working Group; facilitate the common accessibility of resources by both Web and Web Service mechanisms; help users/vertical industries to specify
needs, use cases, best practices guidelines, and architectural patterns for service-oriented architectures.

HTML Mail Workshop
The participants emphasized that the state of HTML implementation in mail user agents lags far behind that of Web browsers, even if the same technology is used for both. HTML email is also subject to additional restrictions caused by security, anti-spam, and anti-phishing initiatives which can negatively impact legitimate HTML email uses.

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