Photonics is one of the most promising and exciting fields currently being developed. Photonics is to light what electronics is to electricity. Or as the eminent French Scientist Pierre Aigrain described it: "Photonics is the science of the harnessing of light. Photonics encompasses the generation of light, the detection of light, the management of light through guidance, manipulation, and amplification, and, most importantly, its utilisation for the benefit of mankind."

24 International Research Undergraduate Projects in Ireland for "Technologies for Aiding Human Memory".

ODCSSS the Online Dublin Computer Science Summer School is a paid research internship program for undergraduate students funded in part by the Science Foundation Ireland under their UREKA program. ODCSSS is a four-year collaborative internship program between the School of Computer Science and Informatics at the University College Dublin and the School of Computing at the Dublin City University.

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