The goal of a W3C workshop is to convene experts and other interested parties for an exchange of ideas about a technology or policy. These are high profile events with topics related to innovative and visionary Web usage and development.

Next Steps for XML Signature and XML Encryption

Next Steps for XML Signature and XML Encryption
Mountain View, California, USA, 25-26 September 2007
The XML Signature and XML Encryption specifications have seen broad deployment, and form the basis for a number of security related specifications in the Web and Web Services worlds. This workshop will serve as a means to discuss experience and issues with the XML Security suite of specifications and to identify gaps and emerging issues that might feed future work. Position Papers are due 14 August 2007.

W3C/OpenAjax Alliance Workshop on Mobile Ajax
San Francisco Bay Area, USA, 28 September 2007
Position papers are due 15 August for the Workshop on Mobile Ajax co-sponsored by W3C and the OpenAjax Alliance. Attendees will explore use cases for mobile Ajax to help shape its use in mobile Web browsers. Topics might include user experience, application development, support in today's devices and browsers, and whether needs exist for standardization and best practices.

W3C Workshop on RDF Access to Relational Databases
Boston, MA, USA, 25-26 October 2007
Systems for exporting relational data to RDF have existed since the beginning of the Semantic Web. Recently, the semantic Web developers have focused on SPARQL query-rewriters and interpreters to access relational data directly. Both of these approaches share an expression of relational data in RDF. This workshop will draw members of thesemantic Web and relational database communities together to examine commonalities, distinctions and next steps for expressing relational data in RDF.

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