The Merlin Global Software Engineering Forum, launched in May 2007, aims at sharing experienc and knowledge between companies and learning from each other in the global context. The forum's mission is to create active cooperation between partners from industry and research organisations in the field of global systems and software engineering. It aims to help researchers stay connected with the real life challenges companies face in global product development and on the other hand to help companies stay informed about the latest technologies, tools, and techniques for global development.

The Merlin Global Software Engineering Forum was created as one result of the Merlin (Embedded Systems Engineering in Collaboration, 2004-2007) project. The project addressed the increasing demand to find and discover new efficient ways to support collaborative embedded systems development. Today embedded systems need to be developed globally in collaboration with partners, such as subcontractors, third party developers, and also with in-house developers.

The Merlin Global Software Engineering Forum focuses on facilitating co-operation by arranging regular meetings, featuring the hot topics of systems and software engineering in collaboration. The forum is the vital network that aims to create a base for new and innovative solutions for global systems and software engineering challenges. Active co-operation with industry guarantees also keeping the research strategies up to date and in right direction. Active knowledge gathering and sharing lessons learned as well as dissemination facilitate also launching new projects or creating innovative project ideas, for example. Furthermore, Merlin Forum helps you while searching either industrial or research partners for your needs.

Free online registration to the forum is now open. Also, searching for topics for the next meeting has been started. What is your opinion on today's hottest topic? Do you have suggestions for interesting keynote speakers for future meetings? Or do you have some other ideas on how to develop Merlin forum? For more information, please visit Merlin Forum web-site.

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