9-18 November 2021; online event

How web technologies support the digitization of media production streams

Professional media assets, including audio-visual TV and motion pictures, are increasingly being stored in the cloud. In parallel, there is a growing interest in building Web applications for end-users.

To help bridge media streams, W3C/SMPTE are organizing a workshop scoped to professional media production using the Web platform, including editing, quality control, grading/color correction, dailies, visual effects, sound, mastering, translation and servicing. The goal is to demonstrate how web technologies such as WebCodecs, WebGPU and WebAudio can be used for professional media production and identify potential new areas for collaboration and standardization.

We invite you to submit a speaking proposal by 12 October on one or more topics described at:

Speaker invitations will be issued on 15 October. This workshop is free and open to invited attendees who are encouraged to register by 5 November. We look forward to great conversations!

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