Multilingual Information Retrieval: From Research to Practice

Carol Peters, Martin Braschler, Paul Clough

A comprehensive description of the technologies involved in designing and developing systems for Multilingual Information Retrieval (MLIR) is provided. Details on Cross-Language Information Retrieval (CLIR) are also covered that help readers to understand how to build systems that cross language boundaries.

The book accompanies the reader step-by-step through the various stages involved in implementing, using and evaluating MLIR systems. It concludes with some examples of recent applications that utilise MLIR technologies. Some of the techniques described have recently started to appear in commercial search systems, while others have the potential to be part of future incarnations.

This book is intended for scholars, and practitioners with a basic understanding of classical text retrieval methods. It offers guidelines and information on all aspects that need to be taken into consideration when building MLIR systems, while avoiding too many ‘hands-on details’ that could rapidly become obsolete.

Springer, Database Management and Information Retrieval Hardcover 217 pages.
ISBN 978-3-642-23007-3

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