In April, Peter Grünwald (CWI and Leiden University) and Harry van Zanten (Eindhoven University of Technology and EURANDOM) received the Van Dantzig Prize, the highest Dutch award in statistics and operational research. The prize is awarded every five years by the Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research (VVS-OR) to a young researcher who has contributed significantly to developments in these research areas.

Peter Grünwald (left) and Harry van Zanten.

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VISITO Tuscany was presented by ISTI-CNR at a press conference in the historical centre of Pisa. VISITO provides an interactive guide for tourists visiting cities of art via a smart phone application. To receive detailed  information on a monument, the user simply takes a photo of it. The system will support tourists in all phases of their trip, from the initial planning to post-visit archiving and sharing over social networks. Leveraging on techniques of image analysis, content recognition  and 3D scanning and browsing,  on returning home the tourist can relive the highlights of the trip via  virtual visits to the monuments  photographed. The project, coordinated by Giuseppe Amato, ISTI-CNR, is supported by the Tuscan Region and by the European Regional Development Fund. Project members include IIT-CNR and three private companies: Alinari24Ore, Hyperborea, and 3Logic MK.


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MoTeCo is a new project supported by the European Leonardo da Vinci Programme that will offer a training curriculum in mobile technology, in particular for the Symbian operating system ( At the moment, such trainings are accessible only in a few European countries located in the north-west of the continent.

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