While biological data exhibits a formidable diversity, the past two decades have seen the advent of massive data produced either by high throughput experiments or by measurement devices of increasing accuracy at very different scales ranging from nano to macro. Handling these massive and complex data within a virtuous cycle linking modelling and measurements is one of the major challenges in Computational Biology.

To take up this challenge and foster new discoveries in and new applications in medicine, the ambition of Master of Science in Computational Biology is to provide a state-of-the-art training geared towards computational biology in computer science, applied mathematics and statistics to address biological and medical problems. So this new master program from Nice Sophia Antipolis University is specially tailored for students interested in a truly interdisciplinary learning experience.

The scientific goal of this program is to focus on the human being from different perspectives (understanding and modelling functional aspects or interpreting biomedical signals from various devices) and at different scales (from macro-level to micro-level).

The aim of this program is to provide excellent academic or industrial career opportunities by offering high level coverage of modelling and computing principles that will enable the challenges to be met and make tomorrow’s technological choices in biological, medical computing domains. To achieve this, classes will be given by several outstanding professors and researchers from the research institutes present in the campus. The teaching language is English.


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