by Nicoletta Calzolari

The launching event of FLaReNet - Fostering Language Resources Network - was held in Vienna, 12-13 February 2009, as 'The European Language Resources and Technologies Forum'. This event combined the FLaReNet themes with the i2010 objectives to address some of the technological, market and policy challenges to be faced in a multilingual digital Europe. The forum represented an important opportunity to identify the grounds for future directions in Language Resources and Technology at the level of the EC, national governmental agencies and industry.

The Working Group 'Formal Methods for Service Oriented Architecture and Internet of the Future' run by the DEPLOY (Industrial deployment of system engineering methods providing high dependability and productivity) project held a one-day event on 16 February in Düsseldorf at the 7th international conference on integrated Formal Methods (iFM 2009). More than ten talks were presented on themes centering around Web services, SOA, fault tolerance, composition as well as using formal methods ranging from Event-B to rewriting logic. The workshop was very successful, with sessions being attended by 20 to 35 people. A new edition of the workshop is planned within the Formal Methods for Components and Objects (FMCO) symposium, which is part of the first Formal Methods Week (FMWeek) to be held in Eindhoven in November 2009.

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