During the Board of Directors meeting of ERCIM in Porto on 20 and 21 November, the current President of ERCIM, Keith G. Jeffery (STFC, UK) was re-elected as President for a further two-year term starting 1st January 2009.

Three new Vice-Presidents (previously there were two) were also elected for the same two-year term. We are pleased to announce the following appointments:

  • Matthias Jarke (FhG, D), responsible for the External Relations Task Group, takes over from Arne Sølvberg (NTNU, Norway), who will retire mid-2009 and therefore did not stand for another term
  • Simon Dobson (UCD, Ireland), responsible for the Structural Task Group, takes over from Jan Karel Lenstra (CWI, NL). Jan Karel did not wish to stand for re-election but will remain a member of this Task Group
  • Staffan Truvé (SICS, Sweden), responsible for the newly founded Innovation Task Group, was elected as the third Vice-President.
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