ActiveEon, founded in 2007 and based in Sophia Antipolis, France, originated from INRIA's OASIS research project, led by Denis Caromel and conducted in partnership with INRIA, the CNRS and the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. ActiveEon co-develops the open-source middleware ProActive Parallel Suite® in collaboration with OASIS, and benefits from more than ten years of R&D experience. ActiveEon is the leading open-source publisher of solutions and services in the field of distributed and parallel computing technology.

In February this year, ActiveEon and INRIA organized a two-day hands-on training activity for the AGOS project. Running in partnership with the SCS Pole (Secure Communicating Solutions), this project is a large-scale joint venture involving Hewlett Packard, Oracle, Amadeus, INRIA, the CNRS, SCP (Canal de Provence) and ActiveEon. The goal is to put together a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) computing grid to make company computing more flexible. The AGOS project benefits from ProActive technology in several key aspects, including the inherent heterogeneity of targeted resources (grids), integration of the service-oriented aspect, and the fact that the resource manager/job-scheduler tool provides interesting features related to service-level agreement (SLA) management. The AGOS participants enjoyed the hands-on concrete use cases and were able to meet distributed computing specialists with expertise in the complete framework of ProActive – the ProActive Parallel Suite®. With this suite, ProActive is now more than just an application-programming interface (API).

Figure 1: ProActive Parallel Suite architecture.
Figure 1: ProActive Parallel Suite architecture.

ProActive Parallel Suite® is an open-source Java software suite (released under general public license v2) for parallel, distributed and multi-core computing. The ProActive middleware provides a comprehensive toolkit that simplifies and accelerates the programming of applications distributed on local area networks (LANs), clusters, Internet grids and peer-to-peer intranets, and also features mobility and security. ProActive is particularly well adapted for the development of distributed applications over the Internet, thanks to the reuse of sequential parallelizable code, and through polymorphism, automatic future-based synchronizations and the migration of activities from one virtual machine to another.

Today's business-related advanced computing applications are becoming increasingly complex and require vast computational and storage resources (eg for numerous complex scientific experiments, advanced modelling scenarios, genome matching, astronomical research).

ProActive's mission is therefore to provide its users with:

  • a uniform programming model that allows the development of powerful distributed applications
  • a variety of programming paradigms through simplified and dedicated APIs (eg Branch'n Bound, Master-workers, SPMD)
  • an easy deployment on heterogeneous resources in direct mode thanks to the XML deployment descriptor, or in scheduled mode thanks to the resource manager/scheduler tool
  • a set of graphical tools that allows the application deployment and execution to be monitored and controlled at runtime.

The ProActive Parallel Suite® is composed of three key layers, and a transversal layer that provides value-added services such as security or fault tolerance.

ActiveEon offers packaged training courses, including both formal courses and 'hands-on lab sessions', for industrial customers, users, educators, students and partners. In addition to training, the company provides consulting and professional support to professionals with some, little or no experience in parallel computing. ActiveEon is committed not only to providing open-source code (ProActive) for programming and execution of parallel applications, but also to offering services tailored to the client's needs.


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