Alcatel-Lucent and INRIA have signed a joint research agreement that commits the two organisations to partner in developing advanced technologies for the next generation Internet. As announced by Valérie Pécresse, French Minister for Higher Education and Research in her opening speech on the occasion of INRIA's 40th anniversary, Bell Labs and INRIA have committed researchers and resources to jointly research and develop critical technologies to realize the challenge of self organising networks - considered by many to be key for the future of networking.

This joint research will cover four critical areas - semantic networking, high manageability, self-optimizing mobile cellular networks, and ad-hoc extended mobile networks - and will focus on generating results through new technologies, intellectual property, and milestone publications that pave the way for the telecommunications.

"The number of sensors and communication devices is bringing Internet complexity to a new dimension" said Jeong Kim, president of Alcatel-Lucent's Bell Labs. "This Joint Research Lab is a natural next step from our collaboration with INRIA which started 10 years ago." "We have developed a theory based on this approach, giving rise to a genuine paradigm of the virtuous circle of research and innovation" said Michel Cosnard, chairman and CEO of INRIA. "It is the people in industry who raise the questions that lead to new and exciting challenges for the scientists, who dream the innovations that the people in industry go on to develop." This partnership will bringing together a team of about 50 researchers from both organisations dedicated to this task.

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