W3C10 Asia is the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the founding of W3C's Asian host at Keio University in Japan in September 1996. A public celebration was held on 28 November in Tokyo, Japan.

Celebrating W3C10 Asia with Sake Breaking Ceremony
Celebrating W3C10 Asia with Sake Breaking Ceremony

The one-day W3C10 Asia symposium consisted of three panel discussions with luminaries from Japan and Asia whose contributions have played a key role in promoting the Web, ensuring that the Web is open and accessible to everyone, and helping the Web to reach its full potential in Asia. The program included "Role of W3C at Keio - From Foundations to the Future," "How Japanese Industry Works with Web Standards," "How Asia Will Influence the Future Web," discussions.

The symposium closed with reflections and projections in a dialog with Dr. Jun Murai, Vice-President of Keio University, and Tim Berners-Lee, KBE, inventor of the World Wide Web and founder of W3C.

W3C10 Asia: http://www.w3.org/2006/11/W3C10/

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