by John Wood

In October 2006 the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) produced its first roadmap. This identifies new Research Infrastructure (RI) of pan-European interest, which will help develop the European Research Area (ERA) over the next ten to twenty years. This has now been handed over for consideration by the Commissioner for Research and the science ministers of the EU member states.

by Peter Nijkamp

EuroHORCs (European Heads of Research Councils) is a platform for principals (chairs, presidents, CEOs) of national research organisations and funding bodies to meet to discuss common issues and develop new initiatives. The organisation bears an enormous responsibility to the research landscape in Europe, having a joint annual budget exceeding 20 billion euros - far higher than the EU Framework Programme (FP) budget. Thus, the organisations represented in EuroHORCs are essential players in both national research systems and in the European Research Area (ERA).

by Keith G Jeffery

Information technology has been used to support parts of the research process for many years. Research funding organisations have systems to manage project proposals and grants awarded. Universities have systems to keep track of research projects. Laboratory notebook systems have been developed, some with a workflow component. Portals to access research publications and research datasets and software have been developed. However, these systems tend to be stand-alone, heterogeneous, incompatible with each other and of varying stages of maturity.

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