by Bruno Le Dantec

Some 150 representatives from European and Asian research institutes, industry and ministries of research participated in the Grid@Asia workshop in Seoul from 11-13 December 2006. The workshop was the third workshop organised by ERCIM to promote co-operation with Grid actors from South-East Asian countries in the European Union's 6th and 7th Framework Programmes (FP). This workshop was held in conjunction with the winter workshop of the Grid Fourm Korea (GFK).

The workshop was opened by Jysoo Lee from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI), followed by Joo-Han Kim from the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology who gave an overview of the cooperation status and driving plan for science and technology between Korea and the European Union. Jorge Gasos from the European Commission completed the opening session with a presentation of the the European Commission's Grid Technologies Unit. The workshop sessions of the first day addressed the role of Grid technologies in the 7th EU FP and some Grid research projects funded under the 6th FP were presented.

The second day was dedicated to specific Grid-related technologies such as Grid infrastructure, Grid systems and middleware with presentations of European and Korean projects. Satoshi Sekiguchi from the National Institute of Advance Industrial Science and Technology, Japan provided a keynote speech about Asian Grid projects. A speech of Mr Byung-tae Yang, president of KISTI and the presentation 'Past, Present and Future of Grid in Korea" given by Jysoo Lee, KISTI, Korea closed the second workshop day.

Grid applications were discussed the third day. Some 15 presentations addressed e-Science applications (ie, bio informatics, meteorology, etc) and business Grid applications (ie, onlime game services, ASP services, etc.).

Presentations are available for download from the Grid Forum Korea and the Grid@Asia web sites


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