Two new projects, VITALAS and EchoGRID, both administrated by ERCIM and partly funded by the European Commission commenced in January 2007.

VITALAS (Video & image Indexing and Retrieval in the Large Scale) is an 'Integrated Project' that will deliver a prototype system for accessing professional multimedia archives. The challenges addressed by VITALAS include cross-media indexing and retrieval, large scale search techniques, and visualisation and context adapting. The project consortium consists of eleven partners from research organisations and industry, including the ERCIM members CWI, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and INRIA. The project has an overall budget of  €8 million for three years.

EchoGRID (European and Chinese Cooperation on Grid) is a so-called 'Specific Support Action' to foster collaboration in Grid research and technologies by defining a short-, mid- and long-term vision in the field. A set of thematic workshops on strategic topics defined by a group of experts will be organised in the frame of this projects. A research exchange and fellowship programme will also be set up to encourage the exchange of personnel across countries and institutions.


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