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With this edition, ERCIM is celebrating the 100th issue of its magazine, ERCIM News. Since ERCIM’s creation in 1989, the quarterly ERCIM News has been reporting on leading edge European research and developments in Information and Communication Science and Technology (ICST) and Applied Mathematics.

On the occasion of ERCIM’s 25th anniversary, a special session and panel discussion took place on 23 October in the auditorium of the CNR Campus. Speakers and representatives from research, industry, the European Commission, and the ERCIM community presented their views on research and future developments in information and communication science and technology (ICST). 

Juan Reutter, Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science at the Catholic University of Chile, has received the 2014 ERCIM Cor Baayen Award. The Cor Baayen Award is given annually by ERCIM to a promising young researcher in the field of Informatics and Applied Mathematics.

Editors: Javier Lopez, Fabio Martinelli and Pierangela Samarati

Cyber-security and privacy are very active areas of research, and experts in this field are in growing demand by companies. Research in this area is highly relevant in today’s world - many aspects of our daily life depend on ICT - from mobile phones (more than one billion devices currently have the same operating system), computers in offices and programmable machines in factories, and intelligent surveillance cameras contributing to our safety (and infringing on our privacy). The pervasiveness of ICT increases the potential attack surface available to attackers, expanding the opportunities and potential for damage. Both the number of attackers and motivations for attacks are on the increase, indicating that cyber-security attacks can be a prosperous business.

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