by George Giorgobiani and Givi Kochoradze

The 2nd Networking Event of the GEO-RECAP project (Re-creation and building of capacities in Georgian ICT Research Institutes) was held at the Georgian Technical University (GTU) on 27-28 June, 2012. The event was held together with the EC funded Ideal-ist project (an international ICT partner search network) twinning event, which was organized by the EC ICT National Contact Point (NCP) in Georgia.

The guests were invited from Belgium representing the ERCIM office, Sweden (KTH - Royal Institute of Technology); Ukraine (Kiev Technical University), Moldova and Azerbaijan (EC ICT NCPs). The event was attended by 30 or so scientists. At the opening presentation, the speaker emphasized that ICT is no longer a luxury, but a necessity, for developing countries and that developing countries are already creating new ways of communication, doing business, and delivering services. Through extending access and use of ICT, the European Commission FP7 ICT program aims to stimulate sustainable economic growth, improve service delivery and promote good governance and social accountability in developping countries as well.

The first day of the meeting was devoted to presentations concerning the implementation of the GEO-RECAP project. Dr. G. Giorgobiani, Prof. R. Grigolia and Dr. G. Kochoradze highlighted the input of GTU-MICM, GTU-IC and ICARTI in the process of the project implementation and discussed success stories and new project opportunities.

Dr. Pierre Guisset underlined the role of ERCIM as an instrument to facilitate European cooperation for excellence in ICT research and spoke about its role in the GEO-RECAP project.

The presentations and discussion on the Round Table of the Ideal-ist project concerned the activities of National Contact Points and the ICT policy in EECA countries. Mutual suggestions and recommendations were presented.

Professors A. Grishin and H. Bergqvist gave very interesting presentations about the Centre of Excellence in Technology at KTH and highlighted the achievements of the institute in the fields of ICT and material sciences.

Dr. R. Kvatadze, head of the Georgian research and educational networking association GRENA, spoke about the development of E-Infrastructure in the schools and scientific organizations of South Caucasus countries and presented joint ICT projects (between the EU and South Caucasus countries).

The second day of the event started with the review of the Draft Strategy Paper for two Georgian institutes, which was moderated by the ERCIM representative.

Presentations by Georgian researchers followed. These focused on the idea of participation in FP7 upcoming calls. Eight proposals were suggested, encompassing various fields of ICT and its applications such as: early diagnosis of prostate cancer, metamaterials and nanoparticles, polarimetry and spectropolarimetry, ICT in elections, process-modelling standards for software development, information resource management system, control and management of large scale networks. Each presentation was followed by questions, discussions and advice.

Georgian researchers benefitted enormously from this event. It gave them the opportunity to become informed about the ICT policy in European and neighbouring countries; to get an insight into the state of the art of the advanced European technological research centres; to present their current research interests and achievements to European and local colleagues; and to establish direct contacts with European scientists. The Event facilitated the achievement of one of the main objectives of GEO-RECAP project – to foster the integration process of Georgian research centres into the European Research Community in the frame of the FP7 and other programs.

Several informal social activities were also held as part of the event, including an evening reception and sightseeing in Tbilisi and the old town in eastern Georgia. These provided additional valuable opportunities for collaboration.

GEO-RECAP family

GEO-RECAP is supported by the FP7 INCO ERA WIDE program. ERCIM is a partner of the project, together with DFKI and GIRAF PM Services GmbH (both from Germany), two research institutes from Georgian Technical University – N. Muskhelishvili Institute of Computational Mathematics (GTU-MICM) and V. Chavchanidze Institute of Cybernetics (GTU-IC); and the International Center for Advancement of Research, Technologies and Innovation (ICARTI) also from Georgia.


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Givi Kochoradze,
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