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by Dimitrios Serpanos

The Industrial Systems Institute (ISI) of Research Centre ATHENA (RC ‘Athena’) is delighted to join ERCIM. ISI, a public research institute, was founded in Patras, Western Greece in 1998. Since 2003, ISI has been part of the ’Athena‘ Research and Innovation Centre in Information, Communication, and Knowledge Technologies, operating under the auspices of the General Secretariat of Research and Technology of the Greek Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs.

ISI is the main research institute in Greece that focuses on cutting edge R&D that applies to the industrial and enterprise environment. Its main goal is sustainable innovation in information, communication and knowledge technologies for improving the competiveness of the Greek industry while applying environmentally friendly practices.

ISI is involved in a range of research areas such as industrial information and communication systems; enterprise systems and enterprise integration; embedded systems in several application areas, including transport, healthcare, and nomadic environments; enterprise and industrial process modelling; safety and security; reliability and cyber-security.

Our vision for ISI is to sustain a leading role in R&D of innovative industrial and enterprise technologies. ISI has made significant contributions at the regional, national, and European levels and has established strong relationships and collaboration with R&D and industrial stakeholders in Greece, Europe, and the USA.

ISI performs high-impact research in the following areas:

  • information and communication systems for the industry and enterprise environment
    • high-performance communication systems and architectures
    • real-time communications
    • low-power hardware architectures for processing and communication
  • embedded systems
    • design and architecture
    • interoperability
    • design tools
    • real-time cooperation and coordination
    • safety and reliability
  • cyber-security
  • Electronic Systems
    • RFID
  • enterprise integration
    • next-generation control systems
    • software agents
    • ontologies for enterprise processes, resources, and products
    • service-Oriented Architecture
    • collaboration platforms, virtual and extended enterprise, enterprise clustering
    • collaborative manufacturing
  • modelling and automation of industrial systems and processes
    • control of industrial robots
    • control of mobile robots and autonomous vehicles
    • control of distributed industrial systems
    • control of complex electromechanical systems
    • system modeling and fault prediction, detection, and isolation
    • intelligent and adaptive systems
  • sustainable development
    • ICT for energy-efficient systems
    • ICT for increasing sustainable energy awareness
    • sustainable (multimodal) transport

The R&D activities of ISI draw upon many areas of mathematics, computer science and engineering including:

  • hardware (memory structures, I/O and data communications, logic design, integrated circuit, performance and reliability)
  • computer systems organization (processor architecture, computer communication networks, performance of systems, computer system implementation)
  • software (software engineering, operating systems)
  • mathematics of computing (discrete mathematics, probability and statistics)
  • computing methodologies (artificial intelligence, image processing and computer vision, pattern recognition, simulation and modelling)
  • computer applications (physical sciences and engineering, life and medical science, computer-aided engineering)
  • computers and society (public policy issues, electronic commerce, security)

ISI has produced successful products and services such as:

  • an innovative wireless network system for real-time industrial communications
  • system for sea protection from ship wreckage oil spill
  • system for earthquake monitoring and disaster rescue assistance
  • integrated building management system
  • a smart camera system for surveillance

System for earthquake monitoring and disaster rescue assistance developed by ISI
Figure: System for earthquake monitoring and disaster rescue assistance developed by ISI.

Research and development in ICT and applied mathematics is a strategic element for ISI’s sustainable growth. We expect that ERCIM will enable ISI to increase its contribution through stronger networking and cooperation with important institutions, members of ERCIM, and dissemination of its results and achievements through joint activities. Three members of its staff will represent ISI in ERCIM, namely Professor Dimitrios Serpanos (Director of ISI), as the representative in the ERCIM general member assembly, with Dr Nikolaos Zervos (Researcher) as his substitute and Dr Artemios Voyiatzis (Researcher) represents ISI on the ERCIM News editorial board.


Please contact:
Dimitrios Serpanos
Industrial Systems Institute/RC ‘Athena’
Tel: +30 261 091 0301
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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