by Frédéric Desprez

The ERCIM Working Group "CoreGRID" ran its annual one-day workshop at the EuroPAR conference in Bordeaux, France, held 29 August to 2 September 2011. The workshop’s goal was to provide a forum for members of CoreGRID and the wider research community to discuss the latest developments in the world of Cloud, Grid, and P2P computing.

The workshop attracted around 50 researchers from the European community. Nine papers were presented after one keynote talk given by Françoise Baude (Univ. de Nice, CNRS, INRIA Sophia Antipolis) that presented an overview of the Grid Component Model (GCM) supporting large applications over Grids and Clouds.

The first paper presented a study of the mapping of evolving applications over resource managers. Results showed that resource usage and application response time can be significantly improved with short scheduling times. The second paper discussed the use of model checking to support conflict resolution in multiple non-functional concern management. A trade-off must be found between the ability to independently develop management of individual concerns and the detection and resolution of conflicts that may arise when combining the independently developed management code. The next paper showed how consistent reconfiguration protocols can be derived for stream-based ASSISTANT applications, and their costs characterized in terms of proper performance models. The fourth paper described challenges around highly interactive virtual environments, also known as Real-Time Online Interactive Applications (ROIA). A dynamic resource management system RTF-RMS which implements a load-balancing strategy for ROIA on Clouds was presented. In the fifth paper, the architecture of Contrail federations of Clouds were presented and motivated. In addition to supporting user authentication and applications deployment, Contrail federations aim at providing extended SLA management functionalities, by integrating the SLA management approach of SLA@SOI project in the federation architecture. The sixth paper presented a novel tool to synthesize ontologies for the Abstract Grid Workflow Language (AGWL). This presentation outlined experiments based on two separate application domains that demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach by semi-automatically generating ontologies which are then used to automatically create workflow applications. The seventh paper presented the chemical machine, an interpreter for the Higher Order Chemical Language. The design follows that of logic/functional languages and bridges the gap between the highly abstract chemical model and the physical machine by an abstract interpreter engine. The next paper described OP2, an "active" library framework for the solution of unstructured mesh applications. This presentation discussed the OP2 code generation and compiler framework which, given an application written using the OP2 API, generates efficient code for state-of-the-art hardware (eg GPUs and multi-core CPUs). The last paper proposed a dynamic load balancing strategy to enhance the performance of parallel association rule mining algorithms in the context of a Grid computing environment.

The workshop was organised by Marco Danelutto (Univ. of Pisa), Frédéric Desprez (INRIA), Vladimir Getov (Univ. of Westminster), and Wolfgang Ziegler (Fraunhofer SCAI).

Abstracts and slides of the presentations are available at

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