High-tech spin-off company VectorWise from CWI has been sold to Ingres Corporation (USA), a leading open source database management company. VectorWise develops analytical database technology and was founded in 2008 by members of the pioneering CWI database research team: Peter Boncz, Marcin Zukowski, Sándor Héman and Niels Nes. Ingres Corporation has funded the spin-off company since its inception. VectorWise is based on scientific research results and derives its strength from a completely new approach on data processing. The approach makes use of vector processing on data sets in which every vector is tailored to the size of the cache memory of modern processors. The technology of VectorWise allows organizations to perform data analysis tasks that were previously not feasible. Application areas include logistics, science, medicine and healthcare. The development of VectorWise has spurred further scientific innovation, as other scientists around the world are using this state-of-the art system as a foundation for further research. The generation of high-tech spin-off companies is an important method for CWI to convert fundamental knowledge into practical applications.


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