Sylvain Lefebvre, researcher at INRIA, has won the Eurographics Award in the category ‘Young Researcher’. This award comes in recognition of his research work on texture synthesis. He views this award as acknowledgement of the collective work carried out within the teams he has worked with at INRIA on algorithms and methods to facilitate the creation and display of virtual environments. Sylvain Lefebvre has focused his research on textures and the automated creation of graphic content with the aim of improving the quality of interactive environments. "Texture" is the method used to give an appearance to the surface of virtual objects. Textures complement geometric modelling, which defines the shape of virtual objects. Sylvain Lefebvre and his colleagues have attempted to answer questions such as how colour points can be attached to a surface to imitate a material such as wood, and how colours can be composed automatically by an algorithm to represent stone or paper, using the ‘example-based synthesis method’.

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