The main objective of the Requirements Engineering Laboratory is to create, deploy and disseminate a research environment to post-graduate IPT students. It is particularly aimed at those enrolled in software engineering courses but is also open to other researchers, helping them to develop academic research and artifacts related to software requirements engineering. The laboratory also intends to foster academic and industrial partnerships for the purpose of developing requirements engineering techniques and tools to deliver more reliable and accurate safety-critical applications.

To meet the objectives, ten research areas have been defined:
1. Software requirements fundamentals
2. Software requirements engineering processes
3. Software requirements elicitation and analysis methods:
4. Software requirements specification: investigates software requirements models from a system viewpoint.
5. Formal methods applied to software requirements engineering:
6. Domain languages and models
7. Domain and requirements model transformation:
8. Software requirements verification and validation (V&V)
9. Software requirements management
10. Software requirements modelling tools.


Please contact:
Paulo Sérgio Muniz Silva
Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas do Estado de São Paulo – IPT, Brazil

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"Quantum Computing"
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