European ministers in charge of the digital economy also gathered in Nice for the first European ministerial meeting dedicated to the future Internet. The focus was on the deployment of ultra-high broadband networks, on the creation of new services, and on trust, security and governance of the Internet. The results will be presented at the EU Telecom Council on 27 November 2008.

ERCIM booth at the conference.
ERCIM booth at the conference.

According to the French Secretary of State for the Development of Digital Economy, "Europe possesses enough key assets to become a leader on technologies and services of the future Internet. Indeed, Europe benefits from both a strong unified market for mobile telecommunications and a world-unique cultural and geographical legacy. Combined together, these resources may trigger Internet-related jobs and services in Europe. However, Civil Liberties and Privacy protection will have to be taken into account so that the future Internet can harmoniously coexist with EU citizens' principles and values. Networks security and stability have also become a major concern for companies and governments. Today, these issues require an enhanced international cooperation."

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