Recognizing the challenges people face when browsing the Web, W3C launched an initiative to build a foundation for a more secure Web. The new Web Security Context Working Group will propose standards that will enable browsers to do a much better job helping people make proper trust decisions.

Part of W3C's Security Activity, the group's mission is threefold: to build consensus around what information people need from browsers in order to understand their "security context," to find innovative ways to present this information and raise awareness, and to suggest ways to make browsers less susceptible to spoofing of user interfaces that are used to convey critical security information to end users.

W3C chartered this new work after a successful Workshop on Usability and Transparency of Web Authentication in March 2006. Per the charter, the group will conduct its technical work in public and will operate under the W3C Royalty-Free Patent Policy. Organizations interested in security over the Web should join W3C to participate in this new Web Security Context group.

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