by Thomas Lux

The 13th workshop of the ERCIM Working Group Environmental Modelling was held on 31 August - 1 September 2006 at Fraunhofer FIRST, Berlin, Germany.

Members of the working group participated along with researchers from Fraunhofer FIRST and their co-operation partners in order to present their recent research work and to discuss the current trends and developments in the field of environmental modelling. Research issues that have been addressed include: European operational air quality forecast, satellite data assimilation for air quality forecast, modelling and simulation of processes in the soil and groundwater zone, and especially current aspects of using Grids and Grid workflows for different environmental applications. It was an enjoyable meeting with interesing scientific subjects and fruitful discussions as well as a pleasant social event which gave reason to remember the founding of the working group which was quite exactly ten years ago.

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