ISTI-CNR - Donatella Castelli coordinated the first Digital Library Reference Model workshop in Frascati, near Rome, in June. At the workshop, an invited group of international experts discussed the digital library (DL) model proposed by DELOS, the Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries. Despite the large number of digital library systems in existence, there is so far no clear agreement on what these systems are exactly, nor what basic functionality they should provide. This model is a first attempt at establishing an abstract DL framework, based on a small number of unifying concepts. It seeks to provide a common semantics that can be used across different DL implementations. The workshop aimed at achieving global consensus on this model. In her introductory speech, Patricia Manson, Head of the EC unit for 'Technology-Enhanced Learning & Cultural Heritage' said that she expected that the results of the workshop would impact on the definition of FP7 research priorities and help to initiate the relevant political and operational actions needed to deliver the European Digital Library to European citizens.

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