by Erwin Schoitsch

Embedded systems are regarded as the most important computer application field in the years to come, and a business driver for European industry. Therefore they are a targeted research area for European Research Programmes in Framework 7, promoted by ARTEMIS, the 'Technology Platform for Advanced Research and Technology for Embedded Intelligence'.

The workshop, entiteled 'Dependability Issues of Networked Embedded Systems: Research, Industrial Experience and Education', covered topics such as:

  • Hardware/Software co-design, System-on-Chip integration
  • Software processes for efficient development of dependable embedded systems
  • Architectures, Methods and Tools for Design and Development of critical systems
  • Interconnected, networked embedded systems
  • Time triggered systems
  • Functional Safety (system assessment, evaluation and standards)
  • Verification, validation and certification of hardware and software, components and systems.
  • Use/integration of COTS hardware and/or software as well as of legacy systems.
  • Attendance was free thanks to the sponsorship of the DECOS project.


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Erwin Schoitsch, Austrian Research Centers/AARIT, Austria

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