The IST Results news service features numerous European research organisations and industrial partners whose work on embedded intelligence has been funding under the European Commission's Information Society Technologies (IST) R&D priority.

These research projects focus on many different applications of embedded systems, for example:

the ASAP project team has produced an open source programming, analysis and optimisation toolkit for pervasive computing systems using Constraint Logic Programming (CLP) languages. It has been validated in a series of case studies and is expected to open the way to more effective and efficient embedded systems development in the future.

The Embedded WiseNts project has brought together twelve partners from the top research institutions in wireless communication, distributed computing and cooperating objects in ten different European countries to focus on the development of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and their applications, especially in the form of Cooperating Objects (CO), to help develop a roadmap for innovative future applications.

A new technology, dubbed Embedded and Communicating Agents, has allowed researchers at Sony's Computer Science Laboratory in France to add a new level of intelligence to a robotic dog. Instead of teaching the dog new tricks, the algorithms, design principles and mechanisms developed by the ECAgents project allow the robotic pet to learn new tricks itself and share its knowledge with others.

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